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Glassware & Containers for Candles

In addition to stocking some of the most popular and favorite candle making glassware, we offer some new and exciting glassware as well. All of our glassware is approved for candle making with a heat resistance of over 200 degrees. Some of the glassware, such as the hex jars, jelly jars, and the mason jars are approved for food preperation as well as candle making. The lids for the hex, jelly and mason jars can be vacuum sealed when used for home canning.


We help save you money on shipping two ways. First, when you order more than 1 case of glassware we don't just slap a shipping label on each case and send it out to you. We actually pack multiple cases of glassware in a larger box to save you money on shipping. UPS, FED-EX, and the USPS all charge shipping rates by the number of boxes being sent out to the same address. We will package our boxes of glassware up to 70 LBS per box so that you won't pay excessive, additional shipping charges on every case of jars that you order. Orders over 200 LBS will also receive additional savings on shipping charges due to our favorable contract with UPS.

Second, we use a certified packaging process for your glassware that has been approved by UPS and we can guarantee that you will never lose any glassware due to breakage. We use plenty of packing material such as foam peanuts and shredded paper to reduce the risk of damage during shipment. However, should any breakage occur it will be replaced at no cost to you, not even shipping charges. Simply call us by the end of the next business day and report any damage, we will begin the replacement process immediately. Our guaranteed no breakage policy helps save you money.


  • 1.5 oz. Hex Jar
    1.5 oz. Hex Jar
    Shipped with gold lids.
    49¢ each - 24 per case
    1 case minimum order
    $13.76 per case (24 count)
  • 6.5 oz Hex Jar
    6.5 oz Hex Jar

    Shipped with gold lids.
    89 each - 12 per case
    1 case minimum order
    $12.18 per case
  • 9 oz. Hex Jar
    9 oz Hex Jar

    Shipped with gold lids.
    99 each - 12 per case
    1 case minimum order
    $13.88 per case
  • 8 oz. Jelly Jar
    8 oz Jelly Jar

    Shipped with gold lids.
    69¢ each - 12 per case
    1 case minimum order
    $10.28 per case
  • 12 oz. Mason Jar
    12 oz Mason Jar

    Shipped with white lids
    89¢ each - 12 per case
    1 case minimum order
    $12.18 per case
  • 6 oz. Glass & Pewter Grasshopper 6 oz Glass & Pewter

    as low as 2.99 each
    12 units per case-Plastic lids
    Available for
    individual purchase!
  • Ceramic Candle WarmerCeramic Candle Warmers
    Burn your candles with no flame!
    Individually boxed - 12 per case - even fits apothecary jars!
    Available for individual purchase! - As low as 6.49 each
    $77.88 per case - Suggested Retail $11.99 each
  • pewter holiday candle holdersPewter Holiday Candle Holders 2Pure Pewter Holiday Candle Holders
    Reindeer-Wreath Bell-Candle Theme
    Individually wrapped - 12 per case - Glassware not included
    Available for individual purchase! - As low as 4.99 each
    $59.88 per case - Suggested Retail $11.99 each


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