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Gel Wax Embeds

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gel wax embed - stork
gel wax embed - dolphin

All of our glass gel wax embeds are of the highest quality. With a little imagination you can take these embeds and develop some fantastic gel candles. The embeds are sold in sets of two. We have placed a quarter beside each embed when we took the picture so you can get a good idea of the gel embed size.

We have a limited number of each of the gel embeds below. If you see an embed that you want we suggest that you purchase as many as you possibly can because none of these embeds are being produced any longer. Once we have sold out of them we can not replenish our stock.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

dolphin for gel candle making

mouse for gel embed
half moon gel embed for candle making
blue dolphin
set of 2 - $1.49

brown mouse
set of 2 - $1.49

half moon
set of 2 - $1.49

yellow flower for gel candle making
Green leaf for gel candle making
white dog for gel candle making
yellow flower
set of 2 - $1.49

green leaf
set of 2 - $1.49

white dog
set of 2 - $1.49

green duck for gel candle making
penguin for gel candle making
Green twist plant for gel candle making
green duck
set of 2 - $1.49

set of 2 - $1.49

twisted foilage
set of 2 - $1.49

creature head for gel candle making
yellow crab for gel candle making
cactus gel wax embed
creature head
set of 2 - $1.49

yellow crab
set of 2 - $1.49
set of 2 - $1.49

blue crab for gel candle making
clown gel wax embed
lady bug gel wax embed
blue crab
set of 2 - $1.49

set of 2 - $1.49
lady bug
set of 2 - $1.49

stork gel wax embed
cat gel wax embed

angel for gel embeds

set of 2 - $1.89

set of 2 - $1.89
set of 2 - $1.49

blue whale for gel embed
Buoy gel embed for gel candle making
black spider for gel candle embed
blue whale
set of 2 - $2.29

set of 2 - $1.49
lady bug
set of 2 - $1.49

black shark for gel candle making
Christmas wreath gel embed
baby bottle gel wax embed
black shark
set of 2 - $2.29

christmas wreath
set of 2 - $1.49
baby bottle
set of 2 - $1.69

Black Fly gel wax embed    
black Fly
set of 2 - $1.69

set of 2 - $1.49

set of 2 - $1.99


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