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How To Make Aroma Bead Melts

Learn how to make fragrant aroma bead melts

Making aroma melts is fun. We'll take you step by step to making these highly fragrant melt.

These are great air fresheners for automobiles, trucks, offices, etc. They're wonderful anywhere you want a nice aroma but can't or don't want to burn candles. To make them, the first thing you're going to need is some aroma beads. You can learn basic instructions and how to color your aroma beads from our aroma bead page. You'll want to make sure that your aroma beads have completely dried after adding the dye and fragrance oil before making your aroma bead melts.

Step By Step Instructions To Making Highly Scented Aroma Melts

You can use any cookie cutter mold to make your aroma melts as long as it is metal. Don't use any type of plastic or it will melt too. We offer some nice unique cookie cutter molds on our web site that are suitable for making aroma melts. Spray the inside of the mold with a vegetable spray so that once the beads melt into the shape they can easily be removed once they cool.

Once you have your mold ready then place it on a cookie sheet. If you plan to use the cookie sheet for baking cookies again then line the cookie sheet with foil before using it with the aroma beads. We don't recommend using the same tools for baking and making aroma beads though. Don't ever use cookie cutter molds that you made aroma beads with for baking cookies.

Fill the mold with your desired color bead. If you want to make a multiple color aroma melt, it's really not that difficult. Take some card stock, such as an index card and make a snip in it with a pair of sissors, going at least 1 inch deep (See figure 1 below). Then decide where you want your first color to end and make another cut in the card stock so that the card stock will stand up in the mold (See figure 2 below).

Using a small cup or container, fill one side of your mold with the desired color and then fill the other side with another color (See figure 3 below). Be careful not to allow the different color beads to mix. Keep your bead levels about the same on both sides so that when you remove the index card the beads will stay on their respective sides. Once you are satisfied with the desired effect slowly remove the index card (See figure 4 below). At this point you do not want to move the mold at all or the beads will shift. It's time to bake your aroma melt.

Your oven should be set to between 175 - 200 degrees. No higher than 200 degrees! Set your cookie sheet with the aroma melts on the middle rack and check them every 3 - 5 minutes until they reach your desired effectiveness. As the aroma beads bake they naturally are going to shrink because they are filling in the areas of the mold that was previously air. If you bake them too long they will become a liquid gooey mess so be sure that you're checking them every few minutes.

If you're making a one color aroma bead melt and you'd like it thicker you can add beads to it and continue baking. Simply remove your cookie sheet from the oven, let it cool a couple of minutes and then add more beads on top of the aroma melt that you're making and put back into the oven a few more minutes.

Here are a few tips that you don't want to forget. 1) Never mix your cooking supplies and your craft supplies. 2) Check your aroma bead melts often when you're baking them. 3) Be sure you use a vegetable spray on your molds to help release the melt once it's hardened. 4) Be sure that your aroma beads have absorbed all of the fragrance oil and dye and that they are completely dry before beginning the aroma melt process. 5) Allow at least a couple hours for your aroma bead melts to dry before attempting to remove them from the cookie cutter mold.

Most of all, have fun. If you have any questions that I haven't covered here feel free to ask me now.

Steps to making dual colored aroma melts


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4

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