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How To Make Soy Container Candles

Making soy wax container candles isn't much different than making paraffin candles but there are a few things that you'll need to do differently so that your soy candles will turn out properly. You will follow the instructions for making paraffin container candles with these few exceptions.

First, soy wax can hold a larger amount of fragrance oil than paraffin wax can so we're going to use 1.5 oz of fragrance oil per LB of wax rather than the 1 oz that we use for paraffin wax candles.

The second difference is that we want to get the soy wax hotter than we do the paraffin wax so that the fragrance oil and dye will bind really good with the wax. You want to take your wax up to between 185-190 degrees before you add your fragrance oil and dye. It doesn't matter which one you add first but be sure that you are stirring each a full 2 minutes. When we stir, we use a wire wisk to stir with because it seems to bind the wax, dye and fragrance oil together really well.

The other difference is that we now want the temperature to drop all the way down to between 110-115 degrees before we pour the candles. So every few minutes check your temperature and do another good stir with the wire wisk at various intervals, around each time the wax drops 10-15 degrees, do another stirring of the wax. Stirring the wax frequently will help bind the fragrance, dye and soy wax together naturally.

I know it may sound silly to bring the wax to such a high temperature to add the fragrance oil and then reduce it all the way back down to 110-120 degrees but trust me, you need to perform both steps. Adding the fragrance and dye at such a high temperature will help to bind all the properties together and then allowing it to cool so low will before you pour your candles will help prevent the cracking, flaking and discoloration that is so common with soy waxes.

If you have any other questions or concerns don't hesitate to let me know and I'll be happy to help. The easiest way to get in touch with me is by email. Be sure to let me know how you're coming along with your soy candles. They're a little trickier than making paraffin candles but with a little practice and experience you'll be making soy candles that will rival and beat any that you see on the market.

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