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New Products

Our exciting new products and first-time offers!

Clamshell Tart Molds

Cajun's Candle & Soap Making Supplies offers these 6 cavity clamshell molds with break-a-way capabilities. Now you can make your own clamshell tarts that will rival and beat those popular scented clamshells.

These are a highly popular item at craft shows, fairs, and anywhere you sell your candles and/or soap products.


As low as 29¢ each!

Lime & Lemongrass Fragrance Oil

Lime & Lemongrass Fragrance OilA tart, fruity top note with a twist of lime, and lemongrass with a peachy mid-section and smooth finish of vanilla and sandalwood. One of our strongest fragrance oils ever! It's a sure hit and it's safe for all skin applications as well as all candles, including gel wax.

Recommended use: fragrance oil for candles, skin care products, aroma beads.

As low as $14.99 each!



Skin-Safe U-V Inhibitor

Skin-Safe U-V InhibitorProtect your hard work against harmful, discoloring U-V rays caused by the sun and florescent lighting. This skin-safe U-V protectant gives you the edge you need to keep the colors of your soaps, lotions, sprays, etc., from fading and/or turning a different color.

Recommended use: for protection against U-V rays for all skin care products.

As low as $14.95 each

Hand Held Butane Torch

Hand Held Butane Torch
This handy, hand-held refillable butane torch is great for fixing those candle mistakes! It melts wax fast and is a great tool to eliminate those pesky little bubbles that appear on your votive candles around the wick. It works at any angle, has an adjustable flame and lasts up to 60 minutes on 1 refill! A great tool for any candle or soap chandler!
Recommended use: smoothing out candle tops, etc.

As low as $21.99 each!


Closures-Pumps For Bottles & Jars

Closures and LidsWe now offer all kinds of additional closures for your bottles & jars. Lotion pumps, several styles of squeeze tops, disc tops, flip tops, etc as well as screw on lids for bottles and jars.
For more information and exact styles visit our closure page.
Recommended use: lotions, sprays, liquid soap, candles

All Types of Closures Available!


Clear Cylinder Bottles

Clear Cylinder BottlesThese crystal clear PVC bottles are excellent for your liquid soaps, bubble baths, lotions, sprays, etc. Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz. Each bottle comes with a white screw cap. Other closures, pumps and sprays are available.
Recommended use: lotions, sprays, liquid soap, etc.

As low as 49¢ each


White Cylinder Bottles

White cylinder bottlesThese are the same style bottle as above only in a white color instead of clear. They're perfect for your liquid soaps, bubble baths, lotions, etc. These are available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz. Each bottle comes with a white screw cap. Other closures are available.
Recommended use: lotions, sprays, liquid soap, etc.

As low as 39¢ each!



Amber Modern Round Bottles

Amber Modern Round BottlesThese amber modern round bottles are great multi purpose bottles. Exceptional packaging for liquid soaps, lotions and sprays. Also great for fragrance bottles. Replace any clear fragrance oil bottles you might have with these dark bottles for an extended shelf life.
Recommended use: lotions, sprays, fragrance oils, etc.

As low as 59¢ each!



Imported Italian Candle Holder

Imported Italian Candle HolderOffer a rich European designer look to your smaller candles. These 2 oz containers are the same holders sold at Pier 1 Imports for $2.99. We purchased the overstock and are offering them to you at drastically discounted pricing. A one time purchase item so be sure to order plenty for your backstock. This glass is best used for container candles because the lip on the votive candles will prevent the entire votive from fitting properly in the holder.
Recommended use: Candle making

Buy Now @ 88¢ each!




Tart Molds

Tart MoldsTart molds are now in stock! You can make tarts just like the big candle makers, and you can make them just as professional as they do. These metal 1 oz tart molds will last forever with proper care. Shrink wrap systems for professional packaging also available.
Recommended wax: IGI-4794 or IGI 4625

As low as 39¢ each!




Cream/Lotion JarsDouble-Walled Lotion/Cream Jars

These double walled lotion and cream jars will add perceived value to your lotions and creams, especially when used with our EL-1 Multibase lotion. They are available in a brilliant white color. Choose from 2 sizes, a 2 oz jar or a 4 oz jar.
Recommended use: Multibase lotion/creams

Click here for more information on Lotion Jars
As low as 69¢ each!

Aroma Beads

Aroma BeadsAroma Beads are here! Small translucent plastic beads that can be dyed and will absorb up to 40% of their weight in fragrance oil! Perfect for use in potpourri, sachets for cars, closets, drawers, luggage, etc.
Recommended use: sachets, potpourri, envelopes, etc.

Click here for more information and instructions

As low as $2.99 per LB!




Floating Candle MoldFloating Candle Molds

You asked for professional floating candle molds and we delivered! These quality stainless steel molds will produce floating candles for years and years to come! These molds will hold approximately 2 oz of wax.
Recommended wax: IGI-4625 or IGI-4794

As low as 94¢ each!



Clear Tealight CupsClear Tealight Cups

Our ultra clear tea light cups have been designed to keep the vivid and vibrant color of your tea light candle active throughout the burning process. Your friends and customers will enjoy and appreciate these tiny tea light candles!
Recommended wax: J-223

As low as .09¢ each!



Candle/Soap/Candy ThermometerCandle/Soap/Candy Thermometer

Always use a thermometer when melting your wax for candles. Wax does have a flash point and can burst into flames without any warning at all. Regulate your temperature with these high quality kitchen thermometers.
Recommended use: candles, soaps, candy, etc.

As low as $3.99 each!



Wire Wisk Stainless SteelStainless Steel Wire Wisk

There is nothing better than a wire wisk to bind your fragrance oil, dye and wax together properly. These stainless steel 10" wire wisks will do the job for you. Wisks have a flat bottom so they can stand up when not in use. The flat bottom of the wisk also helps to ensure that all of the wax is being stirred properly.
Recommended use: binding wax, fragrance oil and dye

100% stainless steel
As low as $4.59 each!




Measuring GlassMeasuring Glass

Perfect for measuring fragrance oil for candles, soaps, lotions, etc. This measuring glass won't be affected by fragrance oils and will wash clean between uses with any liquid soap. If you measure your fragrance oil by volume this 4 oz glass measuring cup is perfect for the candle and soap maker!
Recommended use: measuring fragrance oil by volume

As low as $2.49 each!


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