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How to make Soap - Soap Making Guide


Contrary to what you may have heard, making great, quality soaps is one of the easiest things you can do. These instructions are given using our quality soap bases, I am not familiar with other brands of soaps so I don't know if they would need any additives to make them work properly. I can assure you that the soap bases offered on our web site are ready to use.

It's really just as easy as melt, add color, add fragrance, pour into a mold, let completely harden, remove and you have a great bar of soap ready to use!

Step 1: Melt your soap. The easiest way to melt our soap base is in the microwave oven! (Don't ever try this with wax) Melt your soap completely, stopping the melting process to stir once in awhile until your soap base is completely melted.

Step 2: Add your dye. Be sure you are using a skin safe dye for your soap products. Do not ever use candle dye as candle dye will stain your skin! Add small amounts of our dye at a time, stirring throughout the process until you get your desired effect.

Step 3: Add your desired fragrance oil. Be sure the fragrance oil you choose is skin safe. Using our fragrance oil, the ratio of fragrance oil to soap base should only be .5 (1/2) oz of fragrance oil per LB of soap. The fragrance oil section of our web site tells you which fragrances are skin safe and which fragrances are not.

Step 4: Stir well with a wire wisk for at least a full minute. Pour into a soap mold and let sit until the soap is completely hardened and cool. If you try to remove the soap early you are going to damage your molds. Sometimes air bubbles may form when you pour into your molds, if that happens simply use a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol and spray the bubbles, they will disappear immediately.

Step 5: Let your soap harden and cool completely. Once it is ready remove it and you have a wonderful bar of soap that will produce great lather throughout the entire bar! Use and enjoy!

It's really that easy to make a great bar of soap! Be sure to email me and let me know how your soap turned out. I love getting feedback!

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